About Pavones Properties Costa Rica

We have provided 23 years of quality service to our clients and we base our sales philosophy on disclosing all aspects of a property in an honest and forthright manner. This allows the customer to make an informed and intelligent decision when making their purchase. There are many things to consider that newcomers may not be aware of when purchasing property in Costa Rica and we make sure that our customers are fully aware of the intricacies of each property we represent. We are keenly aware that we are not just brokering real estate purchases, but moreso creating new relationships and neighbors. This philosophy has served us well and as a result, many of our customers come to us as referrals from our satisfied customer base. We provide sound advice based on years of experience, and have trustworthy English speaking legal counsel to validate our opinions and double check that all legal documents are in order before closing. Let us guide you on your adventure of discovery, and then lead you through the process of purchasing your tropical dream property. We dedicate ourselves to making your buying experience a pleasant one.